Edge Middleware Solution​

Accelerate feature launches​ and manage functions over lifetime – ​safely, securely, and efficiently

Experience the EDGE!​

The ongoing shift to the software-defined vehicle (SDV) is both a major achievement of, and a huge challenge for, the automotive industry worldwide. Customer expectations must be met, and new functions rolled out well after each vehicle hits the road. Vehicles must be regularly updated with new features as per ever changing trends throughout their lifecycle. Decoupling hardware and software and consolidating ECUs into a few powerful computing units is the next big evolutionary step. Processing data at the edge of a network is already an established way of managing complexity in other industries. We help you leverage it in hours!​

Simplify automotive software development by leveraging DevOps practices

Validated and long-established practices like abstracting vehicle APIs and containerization help simplify integration. As containers are platform-independent, software applications become portable and easily deployable across different hardware configurations and operating environments, increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.​

ETAS` Edge Middleware Solution simplifies automotive software development by introducing mobile app like programming for body and comfort vehicle functions and unlocks the ability to easily read sensor data and safely control actuators. The solution consists of:​

  • Development & Operations Tooling: Integrated and easy-to-use DevOps tooling helping developers create, integrate, test, and manage vehicle applications​
  • In-Vehicle Middleware: A comprehensive open-source based software stack with a standardized vehicle abstraction layer to manage the safe and secure execution of vehicle services & applications​
  • System Integration & Engineering Services: Expert services to seamlessly integrate into existing software environment and infrastructure, and lifecycle management of the overall solution​
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Speed up​

Software development cycles by several multiples​

Easy onboarding​

Get new developers up and running in minutes

Foster re-use​

With over ​900 standardized API endpoints


With the SDV Open-Source thought leader. ETAS is one of the main contributors in COVESA VSS and Eclipse SDV Working Group.

Open-Source innovation meets automotive-grade reliability

Open-Source-Edition: Free & Collaborative​

Our solution is designed to cater to a variety of automotive needs, offering both Open-Source and Enterprise Editions.​

The Open-Source Edition is available for free to evaluate the capabilities of our middleware. It enables you to Ideate quickly and collaboratively while avoiding vendor lock-in. An ideal choice for organizations looking to test functionality, assess feasibility, or start developing without any financial commitment. It also allows users to contribute to and benefit from the collective knowledge of a global community.​

Enterprise Edition: Certified & Guaranteed Quality​

Our Enterprise Edition is perfect for those seeking a certified, automotive grade, solution, with a standardized execution environment . It offers the reliability and support necessary for critical applications, includes regular updates and dedicated customer service and integration into your existing systems, by ETAS and the Bosch Group’s industry leading experts.​

Key benefits at a glance​

  • Avoid lock-in and leverage a global developer community via open-source ​
  • Accelerate feature development and rollout by up to 10x​
  • Easily connect low level to higher level systems ​
  • Safely and flexibly read and write to safety systems​
  • Leverage containers to easily reuse applications across vehicles and platforms​
  • Drive down costs further with increased app portability via standardized APIs​
  • Seamless integration with your existing software environment​
  • Access in-depth knowledge from across Bosch, training and support​

AI Vehicle Application Generator​

Create new vehicle functions using natural language!​

Our AI driven Vehicle App Generator is an add-on to our Edge Middleware Solution and lets users easily turn ideas into actual vehicle functions. It generates complete, ready-to-deploy apps far beyond typical text-to-code methods that only produce snippets.​

Safety and compliance features, facilitated by the ETAS Vehicle Edge Solution, are built in. This tool cuts costs and opens new monetization streams by enabling anyone to create and sell vehicle apps!​

Your benefits​

  • Quickly create new vehicle functions ​
  • Experience it immediately via  visualizations  ​
  • No development skills needed, includes necessary reports and documentation as output​
  • Develop once, deploy across many different vehicle types and models ​

We have summarized further information on our AI Vehicle Application Generator for you here in a flyer.