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The ETAS Middleware Solution for developing modern automated driving systems (ADAS/AD) supports SW and HW architecture modelling and high-performance communication. The solution consists of multiple tools, ECU software libraries and a robust API for the ADAS/AD development cycle.

Your advantages

  • Efficient development of robust driving & parking apps
  • Acceleration of the ADAS/AD software development cycle for faster iterations
  • Advanced debugging through forensic re-compute
  • Massive reduction of physical test miles through reproducible simulation-based validation
  • Seamless integration into “DevOps” environment
  • Service-oriented architecture for flexibility and re-usability
  • Enabling cost and time reduction for development and validation
Components of the ETAS Middleware Solutions for ADAS/AD

Fields of Application

  • Development of software
  • Validation of Software
  • Data-recording /-replay /-recompute

What are the challenges?

As automated driving systems move from 'assistance' to 'automation', the driver load reduces but the required safety increases. The higher safety need is required as the driver is no longer able to resume control when the automated driving system encounters an event outside its understanding.

Traditionally, checking that an automated driving system is safe has been done through testing, e.g., seeing how the software behaves when exposed to different events. That’s OK for common driving events, but you also need to consider (very) rare events. It doesn’t matter how rare an event is, the law of big numbers means that there can be numerous occurrences across the globe every day.

Rare events are rare for an individual, but a tester would be unlikely to encounter such an event on a tough test drive and even less likely to be able to encounter it on demand. Therefore, testing-by-driving is not how the required level of safety will be reached for automated driving systems.


Deterministic behavior

Modern ADAS functions are resource hungry. To serve this hunger, developers need processor-based systems. These are usually dynamic systems with a not necessarily reproducible behavior.

The ETAS Middleware Solution provides the needed reproducible behavior on processor-based systems.

Data Rates

High Data Rates

ADAS systems use many sensors. These produce high data rates that need to be processed by the functions in parallel. Existing middleware solutions are not designed for these high data rates.

The ETAS Middleware Solution is specifically designed for processing high data rates / data streams.


Safety Requirements

ADAS, especially AD systems, have high functional safety requirements.
AD systems, for example, have the complete responsibility for an entire vehicle. For this reason, the systems must meet the highest requirements (ASIL-D) in terms of functional safety.

The ETAS Middleware Solution supports systems up to and including ASIL-D.


Deterministic Recompute

A developer wants to test and validate software right away without the need for expensive HW. For this task we can use recorded / generated data as input, compute the output with our middleware-based applications and analyze / report the generated results.

These testing and validation tasks can be executed on various platforms with deterministic results: embedded targets (e.g. QNX), developer PC (e.g. Linux) or even in the cloud.

Demonstrator of the Deterministic Middleware for ADAS/AD

Further benefits with the ETAS Middleware Solution

  • Cost & time reduction by accelerating the ADAS/AD development cycle and minimizing physical test-drives
  • Deterministic execution providing time- and data-driven triggering
  • Easy interoperability in custom development environment
  • Decades of experience within the ADAS/AD domain and automotive customer projects
  • Inter-Operability with AUTOSAR Classic & Adaptive
  • Efficient and domain specific architecture modelling
  • Deterministic behavior enabling efficient development, simulation-based validation and recomputation
  • High performance communication middleware
  • Support of functional safety up to and incl. ASIL-D (ISO 26262)
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