RTA software products

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of ECU platform software for AUTOSAR Classic, as well as AUTOSAR Adaptive solutions. Our software has been used in vehicles for more than 20 years and runs error-free on more than 2 billion developed ECUs.

All major standard areas, as well as a wide range of computer architectures, are supported by the RTA platform software. These consist of software components, configuration tools and comprehensive on-site support by our experts.

ETAS products for AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive complement one another and can be used on a single vehicle computer. The RTA products are configured and implemented with the ISOLAR product family. In order to represent the complete solution, the ISOLAR products are listed here as well.

The following products are available:

AUTOSAR Adaptive

ETAS AUTOSAR Adaptive Portfolio

We offer products that are specially tailored to the configuration of AUTOSAR Adaptive compliant ECUs:

RTA-VRTE: AUTOSAR platform software framework for Vehicle Computer

To master the challenges of microprocessor-based Vehicle Computers, ETAS offers RTA-VRTE, which is based on AUTOSAR. This platform software framework contains an operating system, the AUTOSAR Adaptive base software, a hypervisor as well as safety and security elements.


The architecture design tool for ETAS RTA-VRTE supports the configuration of AUTOSAR Adaptive Applications, Service Instances, as well as Execution- and Machine-Manifests, allowing Adaptive Applications to be connected to communication networks. ISOLAR-VRTE also supports the processing of AUTOSAR standard RTA-VRTE manifests and the creation of proxy/skeleton communication infrastructures.

Cybersecurity solutions

ETAS offers a holistic portfolio of automotive cybersecurity solutions for the comprehensive protection of vehicle computers, vehicles, and fleets.


ETAS AUTOSAR Classic Portfolio

ETAS RTA-CAR (Classic AUTOSAR) includes basic software modules and tools for the development of ECU software:

RTA-BSW: AUTOSAR Basic Software

RTA-BSW provides a complete set of AUTOSAR basic software modules that, together with RTA-OS and RTA-RTE, form a complete AUTOSAR platform software for ECU application development. As RTA-BSW has been developed according to ISO 26262 and ASIL-D compliant development processes, it can be used in even the most demanding safety-critical applications.

RTA-FBL: AUTOSAR-compliant Flash Bootloader

The ETAS Flash Bootloader RTA-FBL enables the reprogramming of ECUs from the assembly line to updates at service stations. For this purpose, we offer a graphical user interface that allows even non-experts to deploy a flash bootloader easily and quickly. The flexible architecture of the AUTOSAR-R4.x compliant RTA-FBL supports a wide range of targets and can be adapted to various OEM-specific requirements.

RTA-LWHVR: Lightweight Hypervisor

The ETAS RTA-LWHVR (Lightweight Hypervisor) makes it possible to divide an ECU into individual partitions, so-called virtual machines (VM). With its low memory requirements and fast access times, the ETAS RTA-LWHVR is specifically optimized for use in automotive ECUs. It is designed for automotive microcontrollers that do not contain virtualization hardware.

RTA-OS: Real-time operating system

The RTA-OS operating system is used in many series projects in the automotive sector. RTA-OS is characterized by minimal runtime overhead and extensive configuration options.

RTA-OS is used in the following areas:

  • Body electronics
  • Chassis control
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Powertrain
  • Safety systems
  • Transmission

RTA-OS supports AUTOSAR R4.0, R4.1, R4.2 and R4.3 standards and OSEK/VDX OS V2.2.3 and is MISRA C compliant. It builds on 20+ years of development - and can also be used for functions with the highest safety requirements (ASIL-D) thanks to ISO 26262 certification.

RTA-RTE: AUTOSAR Runtime Environment generator

The RTA-RTE component generates an AUTOSAR-compliant, compiler- and target-independent runtime environment that can be used together with a wide range of ECU platforms and configuration environments. RTA-RTE comprehensively supports the AUTOSAR R4.0 specification, including RTA functions for measurement and application purposes.

RTA-RTE is also used in body electronics, vehicle monitoring, hybrid and electric vehicles, and driver assistance systems.

RTA-SUM: Standardized Utility Modules

Platform Projects typically incorporate modules that provide standard utilities to ensure common behavior across platforms. ETAS can provide these utilities on a per-OEM basis. For example, ETAS provides all Modules as part of the ETAS AUTOSAR portfolio to the General Motors (GM) Global-B Platform.


ISOLAR-A and -B are used for the configuration of Classic AUTOSAR products.

ISOLAR-A: Integrated tool for AUTOSAR architecture configuration.

ISOLAR-B: Tool for the configuration of AUTOSAR-compliant basic software for the generation and integration of ECU software.

ISOLAR-A/-B combines both tools into a single package.


As the market leading Security Software Stack for the Software-defined vehicle, ESCRYPT CycurHSM is responsible for carrying out all central security functions within Hardware Security Module (HSM) driven automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs). This ensures the secure system start-up, operation, communication, and the update of the Software stack which is pre-configured and integrates seamlessly within the ECU system environment.

CycurHSM continuously sets new benchmarks for security, technology, and services through its support of silicon targets from all major vendors and use-cases of leading OEMs worldwide. As a key driver for in-vehicle security functions, CycurHSM is continuously enhanced to secure new E/E architectures including safety-critical vehicle systems and has been successfully deployed in hundreds of millions of vehicles on the road.