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ETAS Solutions for Software-in-the-Loop Testing in the Cloud

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ETAS offers modular tools and services for continuous virtual testing and pre-calibration.  Use cases include the generation of virtual ECUs, their integration into a virtual vehicle or related sub-system as well as scaled simulation, analytics, and reporting.

All tools and artefacts are optimized for integration into existing development environments and pipelines.

How do you benefit?

  • efficient solutions for virtual testing
  • increase simulation speed dramatically (in customer applications, increases of up to 150 times could be realized)
  • open interfaces to third-party and in-house solutions

Areas of application

  • creation, debugging and pre-calibration of virtual ECUs
  • integration and simulation of virtual artefacts, parallel executed in the cloud
  • set up of complete communication networks, including virtual ECUs and virtual buses

This video shows how to develop Software in the Loop (SIL) systems that allow for the prediction of vehicle emissions for a statistically relevant set of driving scenarios.

It was created in collaboration between Bosch Powertrain Solutions, ETAS, and the Bosch Center of Artificial Intelligence.

Today's challenges demand…

  • higher flexibility and openness for the future
  • more collaboration with a variety of partners
  • ability to continuously deliver software
  • increased productivity

With our Software-in-the-Loop solutions, engineers can test and iterate much faster, even with large sets of test cases.

With ETAS SIL-Solutions you benefit from…

  • the ability to connect (existing) third-party and in-house solutions
  • holistic security, OS independence, scalability
  • a solution designed for CI / CT / CD, including exchange with suppliers and partners
  • ease of use, high degree of automation, parallel cloud-based test execution
  • available cloud services with OEM-ready IP concepts

Additional advantages

  • local support available worldwide
  • extensive know how of the ECU software stack
  • VECU generation, ready for cloud and pipelining in the cloud
  • comply with current standards – enables flexible vendor selection
  • ETAS Cloud Services are ISO27001 certified

The ETAS solutions for Software-in-the-Loop Testing are part of the ETAS Toolchain Services for embedded code development. This solutions contain configurable virtual desktops and highly automated toolchains, as well as comprehensive services to significantly improve development efficiency. The ETAS solution for cloud-based toolchains adjusts to existing toolchains with 3rd-party and in-house tools.

“Cloud-based simulation with ETAS brings significant advantages for rapid development of the control logic!”

Dr. Donghee Han, Senior Research Fellow at Hyundai Motor Company

ETAS tools for SIL testing improve your efficiency. Learn more:


Tool for building Type-1, -2 or -3 virtual ECUs as stand-alone runnable FMUs

  • cost-effective solution to speed up ECU software development and testing
  • generated virtual ECUs are simulation tool-independent and can be transferred without restrictions
  • IP protection when sharing artefact outside your IT environment

Read more about VECU-BUILDER.


Powerful and flexible simulation and integration platform for test and validation at system level in the early phase of the development, supporting all stages of ECU software development

  • straightforward, flexible integration into existing development environments for classic to CI/CD workflows in the cloud, including in-house and third-party tools and artefacts​

Read more about COSYM.

Virtual Networks

Automotive networks simulation package for CAN, CAN FD, AETH, LIN and FR virtual busses

  • independent building blocks for integration in CI/CD workflows and third-party simulation tools via FMI2.0
  • designed for Linux and Windows
  • compatible with standardized VDA API


Platform for parallel simulation, test execution and drive cycle generation

  • significant increase in simulation speed​
  • ready to reuse existing tooling, easily integrates into CI/CD pipelines​
  • turnkey Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, ready for use today​
  • turnkey SaaS or managed services offering
  • highest security class (Bosch SC3)


Protocol fuzz testing tool to detect unexpected behaviors and testing of cybersecurity

  • automotive vulnerability testing in SiL- or HiL-environments
  • security testing method to fulfill regulatory requirements, like UN R 155 or ISO 21434
  • AI enhanced for more optimized results and reduced run time of fuzz tests
  • best solution in speed and quality
  • easy to use in local PCs or cloud-based
  • no dedicated security know-how is needed

Read more about CycurFUZZ:


Reporting tool for interactive searching, analyzing, and graphically visualizing large amounts of measurement data in a very short time

  • quickly understand complex systems and minimize the possibility of errors in the data analysis

Read more about EATB.


Flexible tools for the calibration, diagnostics and validation of automotive electronic systems

  • powerful and well established for all functions to validate, adapt, and debug ECU application software
  • the generated calibration and measurement data can be processed and evaluated continuously.

Read more about INCA.


This tool is an innovation project in a prototyping state.

Tool for efficient and structured analysis and quantification of the impact of parameter uncertainties on the system behavior

  • quick and easy Python-based application and option for headless operation (CI/CD) and cloud deployment
  • high degree of automation
  • Guest Article: The Future Lies in the Cloud Download