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Benefits at a glance:

Improve your CI/CD pipeline

  by orchestrating and optimizing co-development from cloud to car

Develop vehicle apps up to 10 times faster

 with the Vehicle Edge programming model

Deploy and manage software at scale

with safe, secure, and convenient OTA updates and remote monitoring

Build up competencies, processes, and tools

 thanks to comprehensive expert consulting services

We bring your vision of the software-defined vehicle to the road


The future vehicle will be software-defined. The development of connected, autonomous, and electrified vehicles will drive an exponential increase in software capabilities. Consumers expect their vehicles to act like “a smartphones on wheels”, which evolves over time and adapts to the specific needs of each driver. Shorter innovation cycles and regular updates are must-haves. The automotive industry needs to accelerate software development and implement software-driven business models.

The next generation of E/E architectures will be centralized with a few very powerful vehicle computers. By de-coupling software and hardware development and making open-source and collaboration part of the overall strategy, software lifecycle management can be improved, development timelines shortened, and software variants and complexity reduced.

How we solve these challenges

We provide hands-on support and consult the automotive industry across all components of the software-defined vehicle, from cloud to car. Our long-standing experience and expertise help us build new systems enabling the SDV from scratch, improve efficiencies, and unlock additional capabilities of legacy systems.

As software engineers and trusted partners, we work closely with you to identify the best software development strategies, tools, and frameworks. We drive end-to-end integration of all components and processes – from proprietary to open-source software, and from established to innovative new solutions and technologies. We help you realize the integrated DevOps cycle and support you in achieving your unique vision of the SDV by bringing your software releases to the road.

Portfolio overview

We have compiled a few solutions to introduce you to our vast portfolio. A few examples include, but are not limited to:

Fast and frequent software releases

Our CI-CD solutions are built to abstract the complexity inherent in developing software for automotives. We optimize existing customer pipelines and supplement them with in-house, third-party, and even OSS tools and cutting-edge techniques, as needed.

Vehicle Edge computing

Our Vehicle Edge computing solution seeks to unleash a vehicle’s on-board capabilities, leveraging in-vehicle processing capacity and systems to enhance efficiencies, minimize latency, improve security, and decrease costs.

Learn how to enable vehicle access from the app domain and deploy your idea using the fast lane with the Safeguarded Actuator Interface.


Over-the-air updates

Our OTA solutions keep vehicles up-to-date and unlock revenues across each vehicle’s lifetime. These future-proof, feature-based OTA solutions provide update management on the vehicle level with a high degree of automation and minimized down times.

Consulting and Engineering Services

Each OEM is unique and so are the specifics of each one’s challenges on the road to the SDV. Our team of subject matter experts takes a holistic view of each OEM’s tools, technologies, processes, and platforms to optimize existing solutions with a clear focus on minimizing costs and maximizing quality and scalability.