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Software Development Solutions

The boost for your developers

Is your workload too high? Take the pressure off your software developers!

The benefits to you

  • You speed up your software development.
  • You can focus your time on value creation.
  • You continue to benefit from the advantages and artifacts of your existing tool chain.
  • You benefit from our extensive automotive experience.

We take care of everything else.

The challenges

Software development is becoming more and more complex. Parallel to this, software developers are in greater demand than ever before. This means efficiency gains have to be found – but without compromising on security. New approaches for tool chains and collaboration are sought after, along with reliable development tools. We have the solutions for you.


  • In-depth expertise across the domains
  • More than 20 years experience in series projects in the automotive sector
  • Using modular, standardized and interoperable solutions gives you the flexibility to integrate your preferred third-party or in-house solutions
  • Successful customer projects achieving up to 150-fold increases in performance while reducing costs by up to 50%.

What we offer

We provide extensive support to your software developers from the initial idea through virtualization, automated testing and final delivery. You can continuously release software efficiently and with the highest security requirements.

To do this, we bring you a highly automated collaborative development environment on the PC, on the network or in the cloud. An open mind to third-party solutions and in-house solutions, certified standardization and comprehensive service afford you a high degree of flexibility – now and in the future.

Continuous Development Workbench and CI/CD Collaboration Platform

Cloud-based CI/CD tool chains and virtual test environments with parallel pipelines drastically accelerate the development process. We offer you services for establishing and operating efficient tool chains. The developers work on virtual desktops and are able to focus their full attention on developing innovations.

Our shared CI/CD Collaboration Platform facilitates efficient cooperation between wide-ranging development partners.

The benefits to you

  • Dramatic increase in efficiency: You only need a few hours, rather than months as before
  • Automotive grade as defined in automotive standards such as ISO 26262 and ASPICE
  • Flexibility for the future. That means:
    • Openness to future growth
    • Openness to collaboration between different partners
    • Openness to existing in-house and third-party solutions
    • No dependencies
  • Low initial expenditure
  • Can be scaled to suit your requirements
Core elements of the CI/CD Collaboration Platform

Testing and validation solutions

Cloud-based tools for verification and validation (V&V) of automotive software in virtual environments facilitate the scaled completion of an entire virtual vehicle, its E/E architecture and its sub-systems – faster, with better coverage and deeper insights than ever before

The benefits to you

  • High-performance solutions for virtual testing
  • Dramatically increased simulation speed (increases of up to 150-fold could be achieved on customer applications)
  • Openness to linking with in-house solutions and solutions from third-party providers
Speed advantages of virtual testing in the cloud
Work steps in the automated test pipeline

Software tools

For many years, ETAS has been supporting the endeavors of software tool developers around the world. You can count on our experience in developing efficient and safe application software for modern vehicles. An open mind and standardization deliver reliability and safeguard operations for the future.