30 years ETAS

Together for a strong future

Over the past 30 years, ETAS has grown from 42 to over 3,000 associates, expanding not only the company's workforce but also its competencies, portfolio, and expertise.

Since 1994, ETAS has combined a wealth of know-how, innovative ideas, and a forward-looking spirit to build a strong foundation on which we, our customers, and our partners can rely.

To celebrate this achievement, ETAS launched the 30-hour-social-challenge, an initiative that empowered associates worldwide to give something back to society.

In the period leading up to the anniversary month of June 2024, the aim was to initiate as many charitable projects as possible. From helping at the food bank to brightening up school walls, the projects tackled by our associates were as diverse as the communities they supported.

Want to find out more about the projects they supported?

Watch the video below to see how our global team embraced the challenge!

Reaching this milestone wouldn't have been possible without our partners and customers. We are grateful for your trust and collaboration.

Thank you for 30 great years.

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