SOME/IP Measurement and Calibration Add-On for INCA

Today's vehicle or domain ECUs are powerful systems that use microprocessors and are based on the Autosar adaptive platform. Unlike microcontrollers, the software in these systems doesn't have fixed memory addresses, so measuring and calibrating them requires a different approach.

SOME/IP Measurement and Calibration Add-On for INCA addresses these problems by adding the SOME/IP and SOME/IP service discovery protocol to ETAS' measurement and calibration solution.

By utilizing ETAS INCA to measure and calibrate your microprocessor-based ECU, you can ensure the reusability of your established tool chain and safeguard your investments.


  • Offers same “look-and-feel” for users familiar with INCA
  • Enables measurement of AUTOSAR adaptive platform applications
  • Access to microprocessor-based control units
  • Can be combined with other ETAS products (ESxxx, X/FETKs)
  • already used by customer
  • Calibration possible as already known in INCA (planned)
  • Calibration data can be im- and exported using data exchange files (planned)

Measurement & Calibration for µP-based vehicle computers

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