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Develop safe and efficient C code!​

High quality code. Faster.


ETAS ASCET-DEVELOPER is a tool for model-based design and auto C code generation for embedded systems. It enables you to create graphical and textual models from which you can automatically generate safe and efficient C code that is well defined, maintainable, testable, and reusable.​


  • Fast
    • Up to 4x faster compared to classical C software development​
    • Significant time savings thanks to model-based design with software-centered approach and error frontloading​
  • Quality
    • Higher quality and prevention of cost intensive feedback loops due to immediate feedback on modeling errors​
    • Proven in use for over 20 years powering more than 500 million ECUs in vehicles​
    • Certified according to safety standards up to ISO26262 ASIL-D and IEC61508-SIL3​
  • Easy to integrate
    • Built on Eclipse platform and access to its rich ecosystem of tools​
    • Supports standards MISRA-C, FMI, AUTOSAR, OSEK, ASAM

steps to high-quality code​


Community Edition

Free, unlimited for non-commercial use only


I use a professional industry-leading tool to impress my peers and speed up my projects.​


I can teach professional software engineering concepts for safety-critical systems.​

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I can program a self-balancing bot much faster.​

Professional Edition​*

With valid license​

* For commercial use, with hotline, maintenance, customer specific extensions, safety qualifications, training, and consulting​

ETAS Ascet professionals

Professional Edition

ASCET-generated code empowers many industrial safety-critical embedded systems, like brake systems in cars and trains, inverter control, battery management​

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Why you should try ASCET​

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Less bugs in == less debugging​

ASCET uses the programming language ESDL which is a safe subset of C. It prevents you from inserting unintended bugs. Built in static analysis, it finds hidden problems on the fly. Guards are automatically injected by the code generator to prevent run time errors, freeing your precious time to focus on solving the problem.​
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Write less code, get more work done

​ESDL is efficient. For 40 lines of C, you only write 10 lines of ESDL. Write code easily that is hard to write and hard to get right.​
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Test ideas early​

Simulations in ASCET use the same code as target and validate your idea fast. There is no need to flash and download code after every change.​
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Easy to learn​

​With graphical programming, there is no steep learning curve. A delightful interactive tutorial gets you productive within hours to start your real project :)
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Professional tool​

​ASCET is proven in use with more than 25 years in more than 500 million control units and zillion lines of high-quality embedded code in safety-critical and hard real-time embedded systems. Certified for industry standards IEC61508, ISO26262​.

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Any toolchain, any hardware​

Arduino, STMicro or something else? Does not matter, ASCET generated code can be compiled for any device.​