INCA-RDE – Real Driving Emissions

INCA-RDE (Real Driving Emissions) is a software which is an assistant that allows test drivers to track the status of real driving emissions measurements in real time. This makes it possible to monitor whether RDE measurements comply with statutory limits.

System overview.

Being seamlessly integrated into INCA, specialists can conduct RDE tests in their familiar working environment for taking in-vehicle measurements, calibrating control units and diagnostics.

INCA-RDE can be used to execute RDE driving tests in a controlled and reproducible manner. The INCA add-on makes it possible to efficiently determine RDE emissions and correlate them with signals from the ECU. For this purpose, it provides special display instruments that enable test engineers to monitor and evaluate RDE measurements during driving tests.

An ES59x universal interface module can be used to connect the INCA-RDE software tool to a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) via CAN. In addition to emission measurements, INCA-RDE online evaluates likewise OBD and GPS data collected by the PEMS. To check the vehicle-dynamics conditions, INCA-RDE supports the alternative methods “moving averages” (EMROAD) and “ratings per performance class” (CLEAR). The results of analysis – the actual RDE data – are displayed on the RDE-specific instruments within the INCA experiment. This data is also recorded by INCA every ten milliseconds in synchronicity with signals from the engine control unit.

Functions at Glance

  • Calculation of RDE data from PEMS raw signals in real-time
  • Time synchronous acquisition of RDE data and ECU signals
  • Connection to PEMS hardware via CAN
  • RDE-specific INCA instruments displaying
    • route and time sections travelled on urban and rural roads and motorways
    • moving average emission values
    • environmental and engine conditions
    • raw signals from emission sensors
    • start of emission measurement, GPS data and PEMS status


  • Provides immediate feedback on the status of the RDE measurement to the test driver
  • Estimates whether RDE requirements can be maintained during the ongoing vehicle test
  • Complies to PEMS hardware of different manufacturers